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Monday, 05 April 2010 13:26
Shanghai Walker, number one Japanese magazine in Shanghai, recently published my recipes of Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Laotian curries. The cook book introduces 51 recipes of Asian style curry dishes created by the head chefs of popular restaurants in Shanghai. I was invited to cook 10 of these dishes, and here are some of my recipes that you all can cook at home by simply follow the instructions in English.
If you'd like to cook more of these special curries then here's what to do:
  • Get together 10-20 friends who would like to cook curries
  • Call me at 044-3426005 or send e-mail (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for booking the chef and for buying ingredients to cook
  • Provide a kitchen for the chef to show how to cook homemade curry and to prepare 3 menus for the group to taste
For students in Finland, I also bring the best recipes of homemade curries from my restaurants in Thailand and China. Here are some menus to cook:
  • Thai Green curry
  • Curry dipping sauce
  • Muslim style curry
  • Curry dressing for Indian style salad
  • Chinese curry with ginger flavor
  • Dry curry sauce Thai style – Paneang
  • Shrimp paste curry with Japanese noodles
  • Chicken Satay and curry, peanut sauce
  • Vegetarian red curry
  • Indian Yellow curry
  • Thai curry samosas and curry dip sauce