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Monday, 03 May 2010 18:51
Book your home catering where you can have chef at your kitchen preparing 5-10 different menus for the party.
  • Simply Green (healthy salad)
  • Simply Finger Food (appetizer)
  • Simply Wrap (with homemade rice sheets with different stuffing)
  • Simply Rolls (fresh rolls or deep fried)
  • Simply Curry (your choice of curry)
  • Simply Thai (your choice of Thai food)
  • Simply Chinese (your choice of Chinese food)
  • Simply Spicy (your choice of spicy food)
  • Simply Cocktail (from one or two choices)
  • Simply Mocktail (2 non-alcoholic drinks)
Remarks: Fee of the chef, food and transportation are separated so please call 044-3426005 to discuss details of your party. Your own transportation to pick up food and the chef (if required) is suggested. Catering event is suitable for 10-30 people.